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Reviews: communication training & coaching

“… real solutions to daily challenges … a fitness studio for communication!”

IT Professor - DE

"… an all around brilliant way to develop competencies that make the difference."

Supply chain manager - AT

"You by far exceeded my expectations. I leave better than I came."

Senior consultant - ES

Effective mindful communication is an immense competitive advantage!

“I highly recommend his training and coaching because Alexander is authentic, knows his stuff, and will make you stronger….”

As a global quality auditor, I say thank you to Alexander for helping make my job easier and my relationships more resilient. I highly recommend his training and coaching because he is authentic, knows his stuff, and will make you stronger.

I was intrigued when offered a series of interpersonal communication Coaching / Seminar sessions. Did I need something like that? My international communication skills seemed fine to me. I accepted because I was interested in the topic and curious. I am so glad I did! Alexander brings complex (and sometimes “dry”) ideas to life so that they speak to you and inspire you to ‘update’ your habits. He made it easy and fun for me to apply key insights and tools – from Jung to transaction analysis – to challenging communication situations, at work and at home.

Some of the many reasons I value and recommend Alexander as trainer and coach are:

  • He picks you up where you are by aligning what he trains and coaches to the on-the-ground challenges you live in your work- and home-world.
  • Not only are his explanations clear be he systematically trains through examples, he translates complex material into small steps you can master one by one.
  • He builds the seminars and sessions around breaking down real communication situations into alternative ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

As a result, I better recognize and de-escalate conflicts, am less stressed, more resilient, more mindful, and more at ease. That’s great for me, and for the people around me. Thank you!

I highly recommend Alexander to anyone wanting to improve their communication outcomes and /or private and professional relationships! I particularly recommend these seminars to all managers who define and achieve their goals through communicating. In today’s complex tumultuous work-world, effective mindful communication is an immense competitive advantage and a key lever for international interdisciplinary cooperation.

Global pharma industry quality auditor (Germany)

The communication tools I learned help me connect to others and establish the trust to stay connected.

“I highly recommend Alexander Harmsen’s communication focused sales training for all serious high-level sales professionals.”

I was interested when my then head of international sales offered a sales communication seminar. I went without a clear goal and with the hope that something new, something different (and better) than the usual sales training would happen. I was positively surprised and my hope was fulfilled. This wasn’t the usual, and I have attended many, surface focused ‘sales tips’ seminar. Instead, the ideal I have of myself as a salesman and the profession as a whole was strengthened and expanded. Alexander’s seminar focused on sustainable human sales relationships.

I left with tools and a strengthened awareness for seeing and treating the customers and ourselves as eye-level partners in a shared process rather than reducing them to an ‘outlet,’ or buyer. We experienced and trained powerful ways of understanding and positively influencing the how and whys of my and my customer’s behavior and needs throughout the sales process. Ways that help me and my customers and business partners feel more at ease and more motivated to reach our individual goals working together. Ways that I continue to use and expand.

I very much enjoyed the climate in the working group. Alexander managed to get a group of key account managers active in different sectors feel that they were doing something together and not just being present. He respected every question and detour and got through all the material without sacrificing time or quality. I felt very engaged and involved the whole time.

Everything I trained, such as really understand the conversation partner, applies to my success as a salesman, and to my new role discussing and negotiating business partnerships. The communication tools I learned help me connect to others and establish the trust to stay connected. They are especially helpful outside my home culture, such as in Asia.

From a professional perspective, I was delighted that it became clear in the training that selling is not just ‘selling,’ but that it is an art and science of relationships and cooperation. Many salespeople, unfortunately, do not realize this and only see the number behind the customer.

Multinational OEM Sales Director (Germany)