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Presentation coaching; making ideas, products, services, and presenters shine. There is no better way for departments to inspire corporate, corporate to impress global, research projects to convince juries, and M&A candidates and institutions to powerfully project their vision and value. Let’s talk when it is time to crystallize your presentation for impact.

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“Fantastic presentations! First-rate examples of reducing complexity and increasing focus.”GM

Strengthening engagement

By coaching franchise & brand lead business review presentations, Alexander enhanced our impact and reputations with global management. Repeated satisfaction with the results and process makes Alexander a preferred supplier.

“Few are as capable and supportive in the academic consulting and coaching landscape.”Cluster Professor

Securing funding

Alexander was key to crystallizing and energizing this leading researcher’s presentation securing highest level European research funding. This and similar successes makes Alexander one of our key presentation outcome partners.

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Your presentation advantage

The right feedback chamber

Enter a challenging, open-minded, and inspiring professional feedback chamber. A chamber you can neither project alone nor expect those around you to provide. A chamber letting you easily nail key ideas and forge them to be immediately understood and convince. A chamber where the hard questions blocking your free flow are asked and answered. I will join you intellectually at eye-level and treat your content with discretion.

You will leave more connected to your core messages and arguments, and more clear and confident about your outcome(s). And this will be manifest in your slides and supporting notes.

Power Coaching

Intensive two-hour sparring sessions separated by one or more processing days. We can work equally well in person or via tele-presence. First we crystallize your mission critical messages and audience appropriate dramatic and visual arc. We then sharpen text, cut remaining redundancies and optimize your slide transitions.

The number of sessions depends on your preparation and the time applied between sessions.

Interdisciplinary expertise and proven track-record

My methods and expertise are a rare blend of writing ability, broad content competence, international cross-sector experience, professional and personal psychology coaching, sales and intercultural training experience, and language and syntax expertise. It is informed by degrees in philosophy, years of teaching excellence at the university of British Columbia, MBA education, and practical coaching training.

I have won writing and teaching awards, and have trained oral and written communication excellence at international agencies, companies, and universities on three continents.