No better way of crystallizing the essence, a powerful story-line, and the right wording.

Especially good about Alexander’s coaching is the way he works.

The latest of five team presentations I have prepared with Alexander’s support went as great as the others. We received exceptional feedback from both our CEO and COO. We achieved our goals! Thank you Alexander. Thanks for being there, as is sadly usual, at the last minute on a very tight deadline. And thanks for working online with us so that we could include the rest of the team from different locations.

I have experience working with Alexander. My new team members didn’t. They didn’t know what to expect and were a little hesitant. Not so after working with Alexander. They were quickly convinced of his professionalism and ability. Especially good about Alexander’s presentation coaching is the way he works. He doesn’t ‘teach’ or push from the outside in. He integrates our expertise and sensibilities so that we are a team working together at perfecting a powerful presentation.

I highly recommend Alexander’s presentation coaching because I know of no better and more comfortable way of crystallizing and expressing the unifying thread, creating a powerful storyline, and nailing the right wording.

Central European Immunology Head ... Belgium

I highly recommend Mr Harmsen’s competency to all in international or national research competitions.

Alexander immediately convinced me of his psychological and professional competence.

Mr. Harmsen coached my 2nd round ERC Starting Grant interview for 14 highest level academics in Brussels. The way he worked with me immediately convinced me of his psychological and professional competence. This begins with his ability to create a trustworthy and familiar atmosphere, which is rarely found in a university setting.

One gets the feeling of entering an intellectually and personally highly open-minded and inspiring space. The special thing about Mr. Harmsen’s support is that you immediately forget that the coaching is about rhetorical, psychological and gestural “techniques” and (auto) suggestion. The brainstorming and polishing process is characterized by a genuine interest in the topic, which fostered a natural constructive way of honing the presentation and preparing for the interview.

The professional qualities I noticed most working with Mr Harmsen were respect, appreciation, clarity, and openness. Not artificially suggested hubris and superficial techniques, but an authentic acknowledgment of strengths and weaknesses characterized the coaching. I highly recommend Mr Harmsen’s competency to all those in international or national research competitions.

You can rest assured that you will sharpen your ideas about your project, arrange them effectively and, finally, interview with an inner conviction whose linguistic expression can develop naturally. I got the grant.

Excellence Cluster Professor ... Germany

I highly recommend Alexander to anyone working on complex and high-impact presentations.

We made the presentation effortless for the audience to follow, understand, and support.

Alexander’s presentation coaching is an excellent cross-check to find out where and how I was making sense and where not. I would call the strongest effect of the coaching ‘linguistic slimming’. Thanks to Alexander’s suggestions and examples, I realized how to express complex ideas simply. The second effect was harmonizing and aligning the visual language across all slides. As a result, we made the presentation much easier, almost effortless, for the viewer to follow and understand.

Alexander’s way of sharing the principles guiding his advice made the coaching very sustainable for me. It has given me a long-term advantage by changing how I approach presentations. Alexander’s way of teaching by doing makes it now easy for me to apply what I learned to other presentations. I often ask myself “How would Alexander judge this?” Especially when reducing titles and sub-titles to their core communication impact.

I was impressed by how Alexander grasped the background and logical details of my presentation without a long career in our industry. I found it particularly valuable that he not only knows a great deal about communication psychology but excels in applying it to what I needed to achieve with my presentation. I left with a much stronger presentation and a lot of useful insight into interpersonal communication.

The coaching not only brought me a lot, I also enjoyed it a lot. I will gladly call on Alexander’s expertise for further presentations in order to develop further in this area. And I highly recommend him to anyone else working on complex and high-impact presentations.

Pharma Portfolio Lead ... Germany

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